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The Dune prequel series is a sequence of novel trilogies written by Brian Herbert and Kevin J. Anderson. Set in the Dune universe created by Frank Herbert, the novels take place in various time periods before and in between Herbert's original six novels, which began with 1965's Dune. Now the planet was known by its inhabitants as Ix derived from an ancient system of reckoning which identified the number we know by the symbol 9 as IX By 110 BG, Aurelius Venport and Norma Cevna, pioneers in the field of interstellar travel to a point beyond the capabilities of the new technology, they were reluctantly forced to take their research elsewhere. Original Dune. This article or section refers to elements from Original Dune. Shuloch was a legendary place where the 9-year-old Leto Atreides II accepted sand trout upon his body and began the conversion into a human-sandworm hybrid.

First edition prints and manuscriptsEdit.The first edition of Dune is one of the most valuable in science fiction book collecting, and copies have gone for more than $10,000 at auction. The Chilton first edition of the novel is 9.25 inches tall, with bluish green boards and a price of $5.95 on the dust jacket. House Atreides is one of the Great Houses of the feudal interstellar empire known as the Imperium; its members play a role in every novel in the series, starting with 1965's Dune. Leto II Atreides notes in God Emperor of Dune 1981 that the Atreides are descended from the mythological Greek House of Atreus. Below is a list of fictional planets named in the novels of the Dune universe created by Frank Herbert. In the Appendix of Dune 1965, Herbert notes that there are over 13,300 worlds under Landsraad influence immediately after the Butlerian Jihad. The desert planet Arrakis is the primary planet featured in the Dune series of novels; it is the only known source of the all-important spice. In his six original Dune novels Frank Herbert mentions few details of the Butlerian Jihad. The lesson taken by the human descendents of this war is that mankind's laziness and ingenuity can be its downfall. In literature, the Butlerian Jihad is a useful plot device for Frank Herbert. Here's an updated March 2014 DUNE story chronology for those interested: Hunting Harkonnens Short-Story The Butlerian Jihad Whipping Mek Short-Story The Machine Crusade The Faces of a Martyr Short-Story The Battle of Corrin.

This is a list of terminology used in the fictional Dune universe created by Frank Herbert, the primary source being "Terminology of the Imperium", the glossary contained in the novel Dune 1965. Dune word construction could be classified into three domains of vocabulary, each marked with its own neology: the names and terms related to the politics and culture of the Galactic Empire, the. Brian Herbert's novels include Sidney's Comet, Prisoners of Arionn, Man of Two Worlds written with his father, and Sudanna Sudanna. In 2003, Herbert wrote a biography of his father titled Dreamer of Dune: The Biography of Frank Herbert. Ix / ˈ ɪ k s / is a fictional planet featured in the Dune series of science fiction novels written by Frank Herbert, and derivative works.In Dune 1965 it is noted that Ix is classed with the planet Richese as "supreme in machine culture," and that Ixian solido projectors "are commonly considered the best." In Dune Messiah 1969 Herbert explains that the planet's name a spelling.

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