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5 Purim Customs and their Kabbalah Meaning. The Purim holiday is celebrated on the 14 th of Adar 15 th in Jerusalem, also known as Shushan Purim and it is considered by the Kabbalah the highest and the holiest day of all. Purim is celebrated by several unique customs and traditions such as wearing masks and costumes, drinking alcohol and giving away charity and gifts. Purim proper is when congregants take part in a public Megillah reading or two and the partying starts. In celebration of the Jews' salvation in Persia, people drink, eat triangular cookies known. Join Rav Berg as he reveals how Purim is filled with spiritual codes that we can connect with for eliminating negativity and bringing eternal peace on earth.  The Kabbalah Centre uses cookies for you to enjoy our site to the fullest. Read more or continue to agree. Purim’s physical and spiritual clash of Civilizations between the values and worldviews of Mordechai and Haman, exemplifies an early edition of the clash among nations, communities and within.

Join Michael as he reveals how connecting with the overwhelming Light available on Purim can remove any negativity inside ourselves and existing in the world. The Kabbalah Centre uses cookies for you to enjoy our site to the fullest. Jewish Practice Jewish Holidays Purim Purim Study Lessons and Insights 9 Things Every Jew Should Know About the Month of Adar Known as a month of celebration and happiness, the late-winter month of Adar contains the joyous holiday of Purim that takes place mid-month. Nov 26, 2005 · Thus our Talmudic Sages describe in great detail the dynamic between the progression of the creation of the zodiac signs and their corresponding influence on Mankind Pesikta, ch. 4. Furthermore, the entire wisdom of the Torah, including the knowledge of the zodiac, was taught by G-d to Adam and his descendents. Purim Meshulash, or the three-fold Purim, is a somewhat rare calendric occurrence that affects how Purim is observed in Jerusalem and, in theory at least, in.

Jewish Astrology is based on the 12 Tribes in Israel and the description of how they marched in the Desert for 40 years between the Exodus from Egypt and the Entrance into the Land of Israel. Jewish Astrology uses the 7 planets Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn even though they had the knowledge of the Outer 3 planets. The Giraffe spirit animal is a totem of spiritual ideas. Reaching, reaching, reaching the Giraffe is symbolic of always stretching one's spiritual muscles. The Giraffe has a finely tuned sense of foresight. The horns on its head exemplify it's intuitive nature, the horns being natural antenna into the spirit realm. Yet behind the scenes, every aspect of Purim is the product of God’s hidden providence, an expression of hachodesh hazeh lachem ― “this month is yours,” a spiritual system of complete novelty positioned to bring us to a specific destiny. Like the moon, it is hidden.

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